Thursday, May 16, 2013

>> While We Were Watching Downton Abbey Sale

Surefire Cure for Downton Abbey Withdrawals
I entered the month of April going through heavy Downton Abbey withdrawals. It had been 2 months since my last viewing of an episode and I think I was starting to twitch. When I hopped onto Amazon to troll around the books one day, this particular book popped up on my screen. My oh my, I am sooooooo glad it did.

From the first page, to the last page, I was hooked. Wendy swiftly brings you into the lives of Samantha, Brooke and Claire and I found that there was a little piece of me in each woman, even though they are all completely different, all three are like friends that you have yet to meet. She continues this wonderful pace as she introduces you to Edward, the thread that binds these woman carefully together using Downton as the Gossamer Cord.

The characters were very real and believable and the story of the friendships that build is deeply satisfying and as refreshing as an ice cold glass of sweet tea on an August afternoon. I wanted to be part of the...

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While We Were Watching Downton Abbey

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